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Research and innovation

Research and innovation paper series

Working papers, policy briefs and literature reviews produced by the Commission's research and innovation department

What kind of publications are included

This collection encompasses the evidence-based analytical papers of the Commission's research and innovation department, including in collaboration with other Commission departments.

Publications fall into 3 categories

  • working papers - analytical reports to underpin research and innovation policymaking by the Commission
  • policy briefs - short notes to inform discussions on research and innovation policy and stimulate debate
  • quarterly research and innovation literature reviews - brief summaries of recent publications on economics and research and innovation policy.

Working papers

  • Report
  • Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

AI research and innovation: Europe paving its own way

WP 2020/15 - Main AI trends, opportunities and challenges, and attempts to provide a picture of the EU positioning in AI science and innovation.

Macroeconomic Models for Research and Innovation Policy: The Present and the Future

Regulations and technology diffusion in Europe: the role of Industry dynamics

Mapping 21st century Science/Technology linkages: has science become more important in recent technological development?

Digitalisation and Its Impact on Innovation

Aiming for more: research and development investment scenarios for the next decade

Can research and innovation save the day? A fair green and digital recovery from COVID19

The consequences of AI-based technologies for jobs

The research and innovation divide in the EU and its economic consequences

Transformative innovation and socio-technical transitions to address grand challenges

Workforce skills and innovation diffusion: trends and policy implications

Policy briefs

  • Report
  • Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

R&D investment targets and reforms

Analytical background for the R&D investment targets under the new European Research Area initiative.

Literature review