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Expert group on the economic and societal impact of research and innovation (ESIR) 2020-2021

What the ESIR expert group does, membership details, terms of reference and contact details

ESIR in 2020-2021

ESIR is a high-level group of experts established in 2017. The new composition and mandate started in 2020 and ended in 2021.
During that period ESIR has provided evidence-based policy advice to the Commission on how to develop a forward-looking and transformative research and innovation policy. This helped driving Europe's transition to full sustainability.

The group addressed society's needs and most pressing challenges through 

  • policy briefs to provide European and national policy-makers with strategic advice on research and innovation and sustainability
  • outreach activities to fully engage with relevant stakeholders
  • policy experimentation to find new and more impactful innovative public policies
  • proposals for solution-oriented policy initiatives that address current grand challenges

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ESIR members and community

ESIR 2020-2021 was composed of 14 internationally recognised experts who covered sustainability issues from a variety of angles and involved their respective networks.

The group heavily emphasised stakeholder engagement and co-designing outputs and activities. This means the group could reach out to relevant actors beyond the traditional research and innovation community.  

The group was chaired by Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President of the Club of Rome.

List of members