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News article19 June 2024Directorate-General for Research and Innovation1 min read

The key role of Research and Innovation in the European Semester Spring Package

The European Commission has released the European Semester Spring Package. The Package underscores the role of research and innovation in shaping Europe’s future, driving macroeconomic stability, productivity, environmental sustainability and fairness across Europe.

Anna Panagopoulou, Director for ERA & Innovation at DG R&I said:

“The special attention given to R&I in this year’s Spring Package is a clear and timely reminder that, in the current challenging fiscal context, R&I should remain a priority and that future-oriented, growth-enhancing investments should be preserved and reinforced!”

The publication underlines that there is still untapped potential in the Member States when it comes to R&I performance. As a result, R&I has been identified as a ‘key priority ahead’ in nearly all Country Reports. For the first time since COVID-19, the Commission is proposing Country-Specific Recommendations on R&I for several Member States.

The analysis reveals three areas where Europeneeds further efforts: 

  1. foster scientific excellence, attract talent and boost investment in R&I
  2. tighten science-business linkages 
  3. stimulate business innovation

Tailored responses to these challenges adapted to the unique research and innovation ecosystems of each Member State, are crucial. This approach is essential for Europe to achieve its target of allocating 3% of GDP target for R&D.

The European Commission and DG R&I stand ready to bring its support to every Member State through our collaborative instruments. This includes the expert-lead Policy Support Facility and the open, country-tailored, bottom-up Enhanced Dialogues.

The strong R&I coverage in the European Semester is a promising signal to turn the fifth freedom into reality through a strong and well-functioning European Research Area.


Publication date
19 June 2024
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation