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Enhanced dialogue with EU countries

What enhanced dialogues are, how to set one up, resources and contact details. 

What are enhanced dialogues?

Enhanced dialogues with EU countries are a new, bottom-up channel of cooperation between them and the European Commission.

The goal of these dialogues is to create a country-tailored approach to foster research and innovation in the participating EU countries.

They are organised on a voluntary basis and built around topics such as synergies with regional and development funds, the European Research Area (ERA), the New European Innovation agenda, or the Horizon Europe Missions depending on the interests of the country.

Factsheet on enhanced dialogue in research and innovation


What is in for EU countries?

EU members are involved in a large number of engagement processes where research and innovation plays a part e.g. the European Semester, Cohesion Programming, ERA, the New European Innovation Agenda and many more

Enhanced dialogues allow EU members to cut-across these processes and get country-specific support to define and implement a joint EU research and innovation agenda on the areas they deem necessary and strategic.

Through an open and regular dialogue at all levels, the aim is to improve the research and innovation support of EU countries, help with implementing national reforms and investments, raise visibility on opportunities in European research and innovation and get clarifications from the European Commission when needed.


What is the role of EU countries?

EU members are at the centre of the enhanced dialogue. They select the discussion topics to be included in the agenda of the first kick-off meeting, the European Commission can advise but the final choice is in the hands of the country. It is also up to the EU member country to engage all relevant ministers and secure commitment at a high level to ensure the necessary national endorsement during the dialogue.


What is the role of the European Commission?

The European Commission is there to support the EU countries during the dialogue. It will provide relevant knowledge and engage the key colleagues within the Commission who can provide relevant information and support the choice of topics.

Depending on the needs of EU members, the enhanced dialogue also is a way to ensure the proper tools are mobilised for the right purpose and act in a complementary way e.g. The Horizon Policy Support Facility (PSF), the Technical Support Instrument, expert groups and Community of Practices (such as the Seal of Excellence), Knowledge Exchange Platform and a Joint Action Plan with the Committee of the Regions etc.


What are the steps to organise an enhanced dialogue?

This initiative is done on a voluntary basis but EU countries are strongly recommended to take part and benefit from its tailored approach. The responsible public authorities are encouraged to contact the European Commission (DG RTD) to register their interest and set a date for a political kick-off meeting.

This should be followed by a formal request sent to the Director-General of DG Research and Innovation. In parallel, the EU member country will draft the agenda of the high-level meeting in collaboration with the Commission.

The political kick-off meeting, engaging high-level officials from both sides, will take place in the EU country and will be followed-up by more operational meetings in a jointly defined process.

Non-exhaustively, the topics that can be incorporated are: Synergies with other programmes, the European Research Area, the New European Innovation Agenda, the Horizon Europe Missions and Partnerships, overall state of research and innovation progress in the country, support for research and innovation reforms including design and implementation.

Enhanced dialogues already kicked-off

  • Croatia (Zagreb, 31/05/2022)
  • Czechia (Prague, 13/05/2022)
  • Estonia (Tallinn, 23-24/11/2022)
  • France (Paris, 06-07/07/2023)
  • Greece (Athens, 11/07/2022)
  • Latvia (Riga, 09-10/03/2023)
    Follow-up (Riga, 13/09/2023)
  • Lithuania (Vilnius, 14/06/2022)
  • Slovenia (Ljubljana, 16-17/03/2023)
  • Spain (Madrid, 11/05/2023)
  • Austria (Vienna, 08/11/2023)
  • Italy (Rome, 13-14/11/2023)


RTD-Enhanced-Dialogueatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (RTD-Enhanced-Dialogue[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)


picture from the meeting
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