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News article15 November 2023Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

The ‘Forum Romanum’ of research and innovation

Photo from the meeting
Marc Lemaitre, Director General for Research and Innovation with Gianluigi Consoli, Director General for Internationalisation and Communication at the Ministry of Universities and Research


Marc Lemaître, Director General for Research and Innovation, and Marcella Panucci, Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Universities and Research, opened the Enhanced Dialogue with Italy. The discussions in Rome, led by DG Lemaître and Gianluigi Consoli, Director General for Internationalisation in the Ministry of Universities and Research, aimed to align the efforts of the EU and Italy in fostering Italy’s research and innovation system.

The exchange covered a diverse range of topics such as Italian reforms and investments in R&I, the New European Innovation Agenda and European Innovation Council (EIC), the European Research Area, the preparation of the next framework programme as well as synergies among funding programmes. The implications of the Economic Security Strategy on Research and innovation (R&I) were also discussed. Officials from the Ministry of Universities and Research and from the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy were present as well as government officials working in several areas, including environment. The participation of a wide range of stakeholders, including business associations and organisations active in the promotion of R&I, ensured an impactful dialogue.

The constructive discussions are a clear sign of the commitment from both sides to the Enhanced Dialogue and to work together towards common objectives of the joint R&I agenda. The participants agreed to continue the discussion at an operational level to deepen the collaboration between the DG R&I and Italy, including on the EIC, synergies and on research assessment.


Enhanced dialogues with EU countries are a new, bottom-up channel of cooperation with the European Commission. These dialogues aim at creating a country-tailored approach to foster Research and Innovation in the participating EU country. They are organised on a voluntary basis and built around topics matching the interests of the country.

Italy is the 11th country having an enhanced dialogue with DG research & Innovation.

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Publication date
15 November 2023
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation