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News article27 May 2020Brussels

Consultation on the renewed sustainable finance strategy

The Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG R&I) invites the research and industrial stakeholders, including the Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) to participate in the recently published broader stakeholder consultation on the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy.

The  contribution and expertise received will contribute to the development of sustainable solutions to increase private investment in sustainable projects and activities.  

The Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy aims to provide the policy tools to ensure the financial system genuinely supports the transition of the industry towards sustainability in a context of recovery.

The strategy is an integral part of the European Green Deal and will contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal Investment Plan, in particular to create an enabling framework for private investors and the public sector to facilitate sustainable investments. It will build on previous initiatives and reports, such as the Commission’s 2018 Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth and the reports of the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.

The consultation will inform the development of the renewed strategy to be adopted at the end of the year. Questions 63 to 65 address the future role of R&I in the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy.

Responses should be submitted through the online questionnaire by 15 July 2020


Publication date
27 May 2020