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Research and innovation

Cluster 1: Health

Policy, strategy, how to apply and work programmes.

Policy and strategy

The aims of this cluster include improving and protecting the health and well-being of citizens of all ages by generating new knowledge, developing innovative solutions and integrating where relevant a gender perspective to prevent, diagnose, monitor, treat and cure diseases.

Further aims include developing health technologies, mitigating health risks, protecting populations and promoting good health and well-being in general and at work.

Finally, this cluster also aims to make public health systems more cost-effective, equitable and sustainable, prevent and tackle poverty-related diseases and support and enable patients' participation and self-management.

The expected impacts of this cluster are contained in the Horizon Europe strategic plan.

Areas of intervention

  • health throughout the life course
  • environmental and social health determinants 
  • non-communicable and rare diseases 
  • infectious diseases including poverty-related and neglected diseases
  • tools, technologies and digital solutions for health and care including personalised medicine
  • health care systems

Policy information

Research area: Health 

Mission area: Cancer 

Candidates for European Partnerships in this cluster

Apply for funding

All funding information and details on how to apply are on the Funding and Tenders portal.

Work programme

Funding opportunities under Horizon Europe are set out in multiannual work programmes, which cover the large majority of support available.

2023 - 24

31 MARCH 2023
Horizon Europe Work programme (2023-24) - Cluster 1
(1.97 MB - PDF)


Health work programme


3 AUGUST 2021
Pillar II: Global challenges and european industrial competitiveness



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Eleventh EDCTP Forum

  • Tuesday 7 November 2023, 00:01 - Friday 10 November 2023, 23:55 (CET)
  • Paris, France
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