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Research and innovation

Policy background

Research and Innovation cooperation between the EU and Canada stands out among other cooperation areas and is an important building block of the overall relations. A science and technology cooperation agreement between the EU and Canada has been in place since 1996, and is not limited in time.

The science and technology cooperation dialogue takes place through the EU-Canada Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee. The next joint meeting is planned for 2022.

The overall cooperation with Canada in STI is very positive. In terms of participation in Horizon 2020 (H2020) Canada ranks number 3 (after US and China) among non-Associated non-EU countries. Canadian institutions and researchers participated in H2020 in targeted topics or in a bottom up way in many areas such as health including COVID-19, bioeconomy including food and agriculture, marine and Arctic, transport including aviation, digital including artificial intelligence and quantum, environment, research infrastructures and researchers’ mobility.

The main initiatives include research and innvoation flagships under H2020 and various multilateral initiatives like Mission Innovation, All Atlantic Ocean Initiative, Environmental Observations in the Group on Earth Observation and the International Bioeconomy Forum.

On 9 June 2021, Canada has expressed its formal interest to associate to Horizon Europe. The exploratory phase was concluded in the spring 2022, opening the way to formal association negotiations to Horizon Europe. Association is the closest form of international cooperation with the EU in the area of R&I, and Horizon Europe opens it for the first time to countries with a strong STI capacity located beyond Europe’s geographical vicinity. Association will represent a new milestone in the Research and Innovation cooperation with Canada.


Funding opportunities

Horizon Europe is the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever with more than €90 billion of funding available over 7 years (2021 to 2027). It is open to the world, which means that participants from all over the world can participate in most calls.

International cooperation in Horizon Europe

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Agreements and arrangements


Projects and results

Research project database

EU-funded research projects involving Canada

For previous framework programmes, please contact the Research enquiry service.

Example of research cooperation project with Canada

ERA-CAN+ (2013-2016) the main objective was to foster EU-Canada cooperation in research, innovation and development by improving programme management, facilitating access for researchers and innovators on both sides of the Atlantic and encourage new funding opportunities for joint Canada-EU projects in science, technology and innovation.

More stories of particularly successful EU-funded research projects involving Canada.



National Contact Points

The National Contact Points (NCPs) provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Horizon Europe.

Research enquiry service

You can contact the research enquiry service to find out more about research in Europe, the EU's research and innovation funding programmes as well as calls for proposals and project funding.

European Commission

Paweł Suchoń  | DG Research and Innovation | International Cooperation



15 OCTOBER 2018
Roadmap for EU-Canada S&T cooperation
(1.66 MB - PDF)

14 JUNE 2016
13th Meeting of the EU-Canada Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee
(152.43 KB - PDF)

Canada and the EU: partners in research excellence
(2.41 MB - PDF)