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News article13 June 2023BrusselsDirectorate-General for Research and Innovation1 min read

RIMA: New network brings together key R&I and cohesion policy actors

Last week the Commission, together with Member States Authorities responsible for R&I and cohesion policy programmes launched a new network on synergies under the ERA Forum. The group is jointly chaired by DG RTD, DG REGIO and a Member State (Czech Republic).

Opening the session, Marc Lemaitre said:

“This group should become an irresistible place for exchange about how to combine in a more powerful way than until now the two main funding sources at European level for R&I.”

The group provides a platform to enhance dialogue and coordination between the Commission and Member States to ensure synergies across all relevant funding sources and boost scientific and innovation excellence throughout Europe, which is one of the priority areas of the European Research Area (ERA).

The audience heard about key novelties in synergies, and about some pointers on future work resulting from the recent European Court of Auditors synergies’ audit, as well as other relevant initiatives for joining forces to improve the overall impact of EU R&I investment, such as Innovation Valleys, the latest developments on Widening actions as well as the new Community of Practice on Smart Specialisation.

Member States’ presentations and discussions focussed on how to improve R&I performance across Europe by better interacting between the two key R&I supporting EU programmes, Horizon Europe and Cohesion policy. Member State R&I authorities and Cohesion policy bodies presented and exchanged experiences on a broad range of synergies. This included fostering cooperation between R&I actors at national level, and the first concrete cases of implementing the new toolbox for synergies as outlined in the recently published guidance notice on Horizon Europe – ERDF synergies: Transfers, Synergies in European Partnerships, Seal of Excellence, combined funding (new Teaming).

More information

Commission notice on synergies

European Court of Auditors special report on synergies.


Publication date
13 June 2023
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation