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News article2 October 2020Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

Outcome of online engagement with citizens from Slovakia

On 23 July, 43 participants from Slovakia took part in a digital citizen engagement event on the EU Mission on “Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation”. Participants were selected randomly from different gender, age and employment situation groups to ensure a variety of views.

When asked for their views and proposals on climate adaptation and on the Mission in particular, participants prioritised these 4 actions :

  1. Stop mining in protected areas and safeguard the country’s water reserve; To keep wood for local economy;
  2. Avoid waste of water;
  3. Create a deposit refund scheme for plastic bottles;
  4. Penalise actors in the food chain for disproportionate food waste.

They also recommended to

  • Make public transport and renting of shared vehicles  more affordable;
  • Reduce production and consumption of meat;
  • Support local economy and become more self-sufficient;
  • Create a pan European educational platform;
  • Create tax incentives for zero waste and safe packaging;
  • Support research in the field of biodegradable materials;
  • Restore green areas in the country;
  • Create an app to share and redistribute food left overs;
  • To create spaces and workshops for self-repair of appliances

The feedback from this citizens event was very positive. Participants found the event enriching and the majority declared that they would follow the progress of the EU missions in the future.  They also showed interest in getting involved in research and innovation.   

More information

Report of the event EN / SK

Mission area: Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation


Publication date
2 October 2020
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation