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News article25 November 2020Directorate-General for Research and Innovation1 min read

Open Consultation on the Blue Economy Partnership

A new survey invites stakeholders to take part in the prospective Blue Economy Partnership co-design process by sharing insights and suggestions on the first draft of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

The proposed Blue Economy Partnership is a co-funded partnership under the Horizon Europe research and innovation framework programme 2021-27. The format is a public-public initiative with a core group of partners including research and innovation ministries and funding agencies from the participating countries.  

The SRIA builds on existing mature and inclusively developed pan-European and regional strategic frameworks.

The current draft of the SRIA has been prepared on the basis of input from representatives of Member States, countries associated to the current Framework Programme and JPI Oceans, in close collaboration with the European Commission.  

The feedback collected via the survey will be analysed by the drafting team and feed into the revision of the SRIA. 

Share your views by 16 December.



The Partnership for “A climate neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy”, planned for inclusion in the Work Programme 2021-2022, is one of the 49 candidate European Partnerships identified during the strategic planning of Horizon Europe. The Partnership aim is to reduce fragmentation by linking existing initiatives to combine and align pan-European, regional and national investments and socio-political priorities for R&I. This will foster high returns on public R&I investment and sustainable economic development. The partnership will contribute significantly and in a measurable way to the climate neutrality of the blue economy and to ocean-related European Green Deal and Digital Europe objectives. It will also support the implementation of the proposed Mission on Healthy Ocean, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters.  In the next steps of preparations, the European Commission Services will further assess all partnership proposals against the selection criteria for European Partnerships.


Publication date
25 November 2020
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation