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News article15 January 20211 min read

Open call for enterprises in the sheet metal forming sector

The European FormPlanet Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) project has launched a call for SMEs and companies in the sheet metal forming sector to access to services to better characterise sheet metal properties and predict the formation of defects in an early stage of design, forecast part performance and prevent production losses. The open call targets end-user sectors, such as transport, home appliances, machinery, packaging or construction.

FormPlanet services comprise novel and advanced metal characterisation tests, in-process control systems and new modelling approaches, as well as materials informatics and other complimentary services, including consulting or on-demand training.

The call for receiving applications is open and will run until March 31, 2021 offering up to EUR 140,000 of financing to SMEs and companies.

Applicants are able to propose a problem to be solved by means of the offered technical services and advisory support. Successful candidates will benefit from the project FormPlanet communication channels to increase their visibility.

For more information about the open call please visit:


Publication date
15 January 2021