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News article12 July 2022Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

"Knowledge for SDGs talks" now available online

Between April and June 2022, the Directorate-General for Research & Innovation  hosted a series of six training sessions on Knowledge for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The recordings of these training sessions are now available to the public on the EC Streaming Service platform.

The sessions focussed on critical sustainability issues such as international spill-overs, future generations, economic sustainability and doughnut economics, inequalities and lifestyles, Earth system and social tipping points.

Key information, references and resources related to the six SDG Talks is available on this wrap-up document. As much as 75 speakers and panellists, from science, policy or other backgrounds, have shared their insights.

The training sessions were part of a major exercise for raising sustainability awareness across EU institutions, with close to 1,000 Commission officials attending the talks.

More information

Part 1: How research results can be better communicated to policy makers

Part 2: How to fill research and policy gaps

Part 3: Future generations and trans-generational justice

Part 4: Economic sustainability for the 21st century

Doughnut economics – an update for policymakers

Part 5: Inequalities, planetary pressure, and lifestyles

Part 6: Tipping points – threat and opportunity

Horizon Magazine: ‘Tipping points’ lead to irreversible shifts - climate experts


Publication date
12 July 2022
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation