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News article23 March 2020Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

EU team presents results from engine tests with new types of biofuels for development of biofuel standards

Story from Horizon magazine, the EU Research and Innovation magazine

A  team of field experts led by the European Standardization Organisation created the technical data for a new standard specification on gasoline blends with bioethanol (E20) which is double the current market standard.

These data create the scientific basis for changing the legislation in the EU and in the Member States towards an improved quality of gasoline.

Likewise, the  team of experts determined how to improve the driveability of biodiesel by associating its quality to the contamination with plastic bags which are used to store and transfer it. It also established that  increased blending of paraffinic biofuel in the fossil fuel reduces emissions of CO2, particulate matter and carbon monoxide without affecting the fuel consumption and without having to modify the vehicle or retail network.

Lastly the project built a prototype diesel-type engine that works efficiently with gasoline and standard blends with bioethanol, and therefore contributes to an overall reduction of air pollution. 

More information on the European Standardization Committee website.



Publication date
23 March 2020
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation