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News article30 September 2022BrusselsDirectorate-General for Research and Innovation

EU research and innovation in the bioeconomy

Research and innovation (R&I) act as a key driver in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.

This factsheet includes data and figures on bioeconomy-related projects: number and type of projects, and the EU funding programme. 

The factsheet also provides information about different thematic areas tackled by the EU funded projects, in line with the different areas of focus of the EU Bioeconomy Conference:

  • Access to finance and breakthrough innovations
  • Bioeconomisation of regions
  • Bioeconomy for a green and resilient EU industry
  • Bioeconomy innovation ecosystems for rural development
  • International dimension of the bioeconomy
  • Pathways towards a climate-neutral and biodiversity-rich world
  • The bioeconomy as a key to Europe’s food and energy security
  • Youth engagement in the bioeconomy: preparing the next generation through education and skills.

Projects with promising results and success stories with examples of deliverables are highlighted according to the thematic areas mentioned above.

More information

Factsheet : Research & innovation in the bioeconomy


Publication date
30 September 2022
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation