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News article9 June 2020Directorate-General for Research and Innovation1 min read

EIC Pathfinder (bottom-up call) receives 902 submitted applications - the largest ever response to the programme

3 June was the deadline of the last Pathfinder bottom-up call (formerly known as FET-Open) in the EIC Pilot. With 902 submitted consortia applications (5,538 participants in total) - calling for more than €2.8 billion of grant support - and participants in 61 countries (including 27 MS, 13 Horizon 2020 Associated Countries, the UK and 20 other third countries), this was the largest ever response to any FET-Open or Pathfinder call. Participants are as usual mainly from Higher Education bodies and research institutions, however 25.4% of participants are enterprises including 16.6% of SMEs.

At €196 million, the largest ever Pathfinder budget was allocated to this call, and as such it is expected that approximately 60 - 65 applications will be funded. The evaluation process has begun and will end in October with the selection of the most innovative, impactful collaborations at the cutting edge of breakthrough technologies – stay tuned!


Publication date
9 June 2020
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation