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EIC Forum

Improving coordination between innovation programmes. What the forum is, next steps, contact information

What is the EIC Forum?

The EIC Forum has been established under Pillar III of Horizon Europe to promote coordination and dialogue on the development of the EU's innovation ecosystem and is an essential tool to help shape a new European Innovation Strategy with Member States and Associated Countries.

The EIC Forum was formally launched on 23 November 2021. Its activities aims to improve coordination between national and regional innovation programmes and innovation activities under Horizon Europe. It will stimulate synergies and avoid overlaps, by sharing data on programmes and their implementation, resources and expertise, analysis, monitoring of technological, and innovation trends, while interconnecting respective innovators' communities.

The EIC Forum, as a place to collect, discuss and test new ideas and proposals from stakeholders and their possible uptake and scaling up at the European level, will be an important channel to discuss policy and also support the programming of Horizon Europe.

The EIC Forum focuses first on a number of priority areas that are discussed in 6 Working Groups:

  1. EIC Forum Working Group on Innovation Policy
  2. EIC Forum Working Group on Innovation Procurement
  3. EIC Forum Working Group on Employees’ Stock Options
  4. EIC Forum Working Group on Plug-in scheme to the EIC accelerator
  5. EIC Forum Working Group on EIC Prizes Alumni network


  1. July 2022

    First EIC Forum Plenary on the adoption of the New European Innovation Agenda

  2. December 2022
  3. April 2023

    EIC Forum Working Group on Employees’ Stock Options

  4. December 2023

    EIC Forum Policy Orientations document endorsed


EIC Forum Plenary under the Swedish Presidency

1 June 2023, Stockholm, Sweden

Main topics covered:


EIC Forum Plenary under the Spanish Presidency

11 October 2023, Madrid, Spain

Main topics covered:


Should you have any further question about the EIC Forum or EIC Forum Working Groups, contact RTD-EIC-FORUMatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (RTD-EIC-FORUM[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu) .