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Research and innovation

Evaluation of past EU research and innovation framework programmes

Reports assessing the implementation and impact of previous programmes.

7th framework programme (FP7) 2007-2013

The ex-post evaluation of FP7 consists of

  • a document in which the Commission responds to the recommendations made by an external high-level expert group and
  • a document in which the Commission evaluated the programme on the basis of the five evaluation criteria of the better regulation package (efficiency, effectiveness, coherence, relevance and EU added value)


  • Working document
  • Генерална дирекция „Научни изследвания и иновации“

Staff working document on the Ex post evaluation of FP7

SWD accompanying the Commission response to the report of the HLEG on the Ex post evaluation of FP7, with Annexes

  • Report
  • Генерална дирекция „Научни изследвания и иновации“

Evaluation of the Euratom indirect actions under FP7

Ex-post evaluation of indirect actions of the Euratom FP7 and of the Euratom 2012-2013 Framework Programme

6th framework programme (FP6) 2002-2006

The ex-post evaluation of FP6 was designed to provide an assessment of the rationale, implementation and achievements of the programme.


Further information

For other documents, studies and/or expert group reports on the evaluations and impact assessments of previous Framework Programmes, please consult the EU Bookshop or send a request to