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Research and innovation

Latin America and Caribbean

Policy background, funding opportunities, agreements and arrangements, projects and results and contact

Policy background

The Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (JIRI) was established in 2010 with the aim of enhancing EU-CELAC cooperation on science and research. It facilitates bi-regional dialogue on common priorities, encouraging mutual policy learning and ensuring cooperation through biannual action plans. 

Senior Officials Meetings (SOMs) are convened regularly to discuss the cooperation in the JIRI, alternating between Europe and CELAC. These meetings report back to the political SOMs which are organised and co-chaired by the European External Action Service and take place more frequently.

Since 2015 EU and CELAC have been jointly developing the Common Research Area, build on initially three pillars, with innovation added in 2020 as the fourth pillar:

  1. Mobility of researchers
  2. Cooperation among the research infrastructures
  3. Global challenges
  4. Innovation

The 2020 meeting of senior officials has prepared a Strategic Roadmap for the R&I cooperation between the two regions, defining several priority areas for the years 2021 – 2023, including health, green transition, digital transformation and innovation.

The EU also has formal science and technology cooperation agreements with four countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.


Horizon Europe is open to the world. This means that participants from all over the world can participate in most calls. In many cases, the EU will fund at least partly the participation of the international partners.

Most LAC countries are eligible for EU funding as per the Horizon Europe participation rules. The list of eligible countries can be consulted in the Funding and Tenders Portal

Projects and results

Research project database (CORDIS)

EU-funded projects involving a CELAC partner

Horizon Results Platform

For previous framework programmes, please contact the Research enquiry service.

Examples of research projects with CELAC region countries

Mapping of research infrastructures in CELAC countries and EU-LAC working group on research infrastructures: bi-regional cooperation on research infrastructures, attempting to establish a better intra- and inter-regional coordination of the activities.

ResInfra Horizon 2020 project in support of the bi-regional collaboration between the EU and LAC countries in the area of research infrastructures.

EU action on Zika research following the 2016 outbreak of Zika consisting of 3 research consortia collaborating to fill the knowledge gaps on Zika infection and its consequences for pregnant women, new-born babies and adults.

ALCUE NET (2012-2017) was the Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on research and innovation to establish an EU-LAC platform bringing together actors involved in orientation, funding and implementation, as well as other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector and civil society.

ERANet-LAC (2013-2017) helped foster bi-regional cooperation in research and innovation through concrete joint activities and creating a sustainable framework for future bi-regional joint activities with both European and Latin- American Caribbean research and innovation funding agencies and programme owners.


National Contact Points

The National Contact Points (NCPs) provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in Horizon Europe.

European Commission

DG Research and Innovation unit F.1: International cooperation


30 OCTOBER 2020
Strategic Roadmap for the implementation of the Brussels Declaration and EU-CELAC Action Plan on Science, Technology and Innovation (2021-2023)
(307.36 KB - PDF)

Roadmap for EU - CELAC science and technology cooperation
(707.08 KB - PDF)