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The Knowledge Valorisation Platform connects players in the EU with the common goal to transform the excellent research results and data we produce in Europe into sustainable products and solutions for the benefit of all - be it economic prosperity, environmental benefits, societal progress or improved policy making.

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Knowledge valorisation publications (33)

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Presentation13 May 2024
Policy Toolbox Knowledge Valorisation
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Factsheet6 May 2024
Valorisation policies - Making research results work for society

One of the objectives of the Intellectual Property Action Plan published in 2020 is to help innovators and researchers to make the most of their results and inventions thereby generating societal impact. Research and innovation is a driving force that will also support the ongoing green and digital...

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Report21 March 2024
European standardisation panel survey

The survey aims to identify the demand from industry and other stakeholders for standards as potential results of research and innovation (R & I) projects, to assess how EU R & I framework programmes could tackle them, and generally to raise awareness of the importance of standardisation as a...

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Factsheet5 March 2024
Code of practice on citizen engagement

Citizen engagement for knowledge valorisation refers to the active involvement of citizens, citizens groups, civil society organisations, and communities in turning knowledge and resea

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Factsheet5 March 2024
Code of practice on industry-academia co-creation

Industry-academia co-creation means the process of joint production and the valorisation of knowledge between industry, academia and other R&I actors, such as public authorities, social partners and civil society.

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Report13 February 2024
Fostering knowledge valorisation through citizen engagement

This report provides an analysis of citizen engagement for knowledge valorisation practices, drawing on 60 selected case studies from 37 countries, across the EU and internationally.

Agenda6 February 2024
Awareness raising campaign on knowledge valorisation (Netherlands)
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Newsletter20 December 2023
Societal value creation (European IP Helpdesk Bulletin. No. 5, December 2023)

We are living in times of global crises and conflict. Given a widening wealth gap between high and low-income countries, increasing scarcity of resources and unequal access to medicines, novel approaches are needed to ensure intellectual assets and technologies are fully exploited to solve current...

Agenda8 November 2023
ERA Forum: Tour des Capitales - Lisboa
Agenda5 September 2023
Making research results work for society

Brochure for the conference.