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Research and innovation

Implementation of the Actions on Advanced Materials

The Advanced Materials for Industrial Leadership Communication outlines 14 actions and sets an indicative timing for their implementation. This page provides a regular update of the state of implementation.

European research and innovation on advanced materials: a launchpad for the twin transition, EU resilience and open strategic autonomy

1. Define common objectives and  priorities for research and innovation investments for advanced materials

2. Update regularly the priority areas to take into account socio-economic, scientific or technological developments, or following the further identification of common needs for joint action

3. Address research and innovation needs for the substitution of critical raw materials 

Fast track from lab to fab

4. Develop the ‘materials commons’ by mid-2025, a European digital infrastructure for advanced materials aimed at accelerating the research and innovation processes

5. Provide access to existing technology infrastructures and evaluate the possibility of funding new technology infrastructures for identified needs

Increasing capital investment and access to finance

7. Work closely within the Joint European Forum on "Important Projects of Common European Interest”

8. Boost the development and scale up of advanced materials with support from EIC

9. Reinforce, leverage and steer public and private investments in technology development and deployment for advanced materials through EU instruments

Fostering the production and use of advanced materials

10. Mobilise public procurers to drive innovation markets for advanced materials

11. Launch an Advanced Materials Academy 

12. Improve the development and setting of standards on advanced materials

13. Perform an in-depth analysis of production and use of advanced materials, as well as of the patent landscape

Overall governance framework

14. Set up the Technology Council on Advanced Materials