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Food 2030

Food 2030 is a framework to address the provision and consumption of healthy and nutritious food products. How this applies to oceans and seas, examples of funded projects and related publications are found on this page. 

How marine research and innovation contributes to Food 2030

The EU aims to tackle the challenge of food and nutrition security  through its Food 2030 research and innovation policy framework. It aims to future-proof our food systems so they become more sustainable, resilient, responsible, inclusive, diverse and competitive.

Food 2030 supports the development of sustainable aquaculture and sustainable management of wild capture fisheries that eliminates wasteful or harmful activities to ensure a source of healthy protein in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Project examples

EU-funded research projects highlight how marine and freshwater ecosystems contribute to food safety and healthy and sustainable nutrition and how they deliver on the 4 Food 2030 priorities.

AquaSpace’s goal is to provide greater space for aquaculture so as to allow increased production.

Aiming to boost the sector’s productivity and competitiveness PrimeFish gathered data on individual companies, uncovering factors restraining market growth.

ELOXIRAS developed a new advanced electrochemical oxidation technology for recirculating systems in aquaculture.

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