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Research and innovation

EU Common Fisheries Policy

Research activities and projects related to the EU Common Fisheries Policy

Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and research

The CFP aims to conserve fish stocks and reduce overfishing in order to provide EU citizens with a long-term stable, secure and healthy food supply. 

Research and innovation efforts are needed to implement the CFP and acquire more food from the seas and oceans in a sustainable way, either through novel foods or food via aquaculture or fisheries.

Full details of the CFP

Research and innovation projects and the CFP

The EU is funding a variety of projects, which contribute to the implementation of one of the key challenges of the EU CFP – estimating the maximum sustainable yield (MSY). 

Some examples of EU funded R&I projects contributing to the policy

  • MyFish developed decision support tables for the correct estimation of MSY
  • ECOKNOWS  can be used to calculate fish mortality with greater accuracy than standard methods, and to inform stock assessment of another stock or species
  • FACTS was used to estimate the total allowable catch for herring and sprat in the Baltic, and the maximum sustainable fishing mortality for cod, herring, sprat and other species
  • DiscardLess and MINOUW are developing strategies to avoid unwanted catches