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Research and innovation

Animal production systems

Why does research and innovation on animal production matter?

Pressure will increase on agricultural resources due to growing populations, rising income and global shifts towards consumption patterns which are richer in animal proteins.

Research and innovation will tackle the various dimensions of resource use by looking at approaches at animal-level, agro-ecosystems and throughout value chains.

Implementing circular economy principles will lead to better ways of using residues and by-products by farms. For example, feed for livestock and fertilizer from manure.

It is also expected to change farm management and result in a reduction of the use of natural resources.

The knowledge and tools developed by research and innovation will serve to decrease the role of the livestock sector in the depletion of natural resources.

In the livestock sector, the relationship between animal nutrition and health needs to be further investigated. In addition, the possibilities for improving animal welfare, for example, through more appropriate management (including human animal relationship in farming), need to be further explored.

Funding opportunities

Calls for proposals and funding information related to agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

Some animal production systems related calls may be found in this programme.

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