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EU-China High Level Dialogue on Research and Innovation

On 21 January 2021, Commissioner Gabriel and the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, Mr Wang Zhigang held the online EU-China High Level Dialogue on Research and Innovation to discuss the progress made in the discussions on the EU-China Joint Roadmap for the future of STI cooperation launched at the last Innovation Cooperation Dialogue of 2019, and agree on the way forward.

In 2019, at the Fourth Innovation Cooperation Dialogue, it was mutually agreed to develop a Joint Roadmap for Future Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation that would address both framework conditions for R&I and thematic cooperation such as environment, climate and health. In April 2020, the European Commission sent its proposal for the Roadmap and in September the first EU-China High-level digital dialogue took place. The dialogue covered ICT standards, Product Safety, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Taxation and Research and Innovation. The dialogue that took place on Thursday falls in this line.

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2021 m. sausio 25 d.
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