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News article22 December 2023Directorate-General for Research and Innovation1 min read

Diving in ‘Dark Ages’ with LOFAR ERIC or combatting human diseases with INFRAFRONTIER ERIC: European countries are joining forces with two new Research Infrastructures

From looking back billions of years to a time before the first stars and galaxies were formed, to advancing disease prevention and therapies such as for cancer. Two new European Research Infrastructures Consortia (ERICs) have been set up by the Commission on 20 December 2023.

LOFAR (the LOw Frequency ARray), with cohesively operated facilities located in several countries, has re-invigorated low-frequency radio astronomy. LOFAR has unprecedented sensitivity and angular resolution, an enormous field of view and multi-beam capabilities. LOFAR ERIC, as a world-leading distributed Research Infrastructure with a long-term perspective, will provide transparent access to a wide range of science research services for the full European community. LOFAR ERIC will have its statutory seat in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands; the other Founding Members are Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Poland.

INFRAFRONTIER ERIC will coordinate the operation of the distributed world-class INFRAFRONTIER RI, the European Research Infrastructure for the generation, phenotyping, archiving and distribution of in vivo/in vitro model systems and related data. INFRAFRONTIER ERIC will coordinate access to services and resources for the research of gene function in health and disease, promoting studies that lead to breakthrough discoveries in important diseases, such as cancer or rare diseases. INFRAFRONTIER ERIC will have its statutory seat in Munich, Germany; the other Founding Members are Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece and Sweden.

The European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) is a specific legal form that facilitates the establishment and operation of Research Infrastructures with European interest. This is helping to structure and integrate research activities and resources within the European Research Area and is leading to major joint R&I investments in Europe.

These two new ERICs confirm the attractiveness of this legal instrument and justify making it even more effective as proposed on 14 August 2023 in the Third Commission Report on the Application of the ERIC Regulation

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Publication date
22 December 2023
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation