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European cities leading in urban food systems transformation

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978-92-76-00042-6 , KI-04-19-174-EN-N
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15 spalis 2019
Mokslinių tyrimų ir inovacijų generalinis direktoratas
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Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


This is a report of significant EU experiences of urban food policies gathered by the City of Milan, which started working on the topic in 2015 and occupies a strong role in the leadership of the topic.

The main aim of the document is to facilitate debate, discussions, diffusion, mutual learning and the exchange of best practices among the stakeholders active on these issues. The report explores two of the main frameworks on food policies: the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact and Food 2030, with a focus on the European regionalisation process carried out by Eurocities. The European Commission is greatly interested in the potentiality of urban contexts to address food-related issues, and the report therefore provides a general overview of 101 European cities’ actions and eight in-depth best practices, along with a thorough analysis of Milan’s experience.


15 SPALIS 2019
European cities leading in urban food systems transformation