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16 October 2018
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
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Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


20 JUNE 2023
Democracy in the Digital Age
18 MARCH 2021
Ethics of Genome Editing
23 APRIL 2021
Executive summary of the Opinion on Ethics of Genome Editing
11 NOVEMBER 2020
Joint Opinion – improving pandemic preparedness and management
19 DECEMBER 2018
Future of Work, Future of Society
13 OCTOBER 2015
EGE Opinion n°29 - Ethics of New Health Technologies and Citizen Participation
13 OCTOBER 2015
EGE Opinion n°29 - Executive Summary and Recommendations 
20 MAY 2014
EGE Opinion n°28 - Ethics of Security and Surveillance Technologies    
16 JANUARY 2013
EGE Opinion n°27 - An ethical framework for assessing research, production and use of energy  
22 FEBRUARY 2012
EGE Opinion n°26 - Ethics of information and communication technologies
17 NOVEMBER 2009
EGE Opinion n°25 - Ethics of synthetic biology 
17 DECEMBER 2008
EGE Opinion n°24 - Ethics of modern developments in agricultural technologies 
16 JANUARY 2008
EGE Opinion n°23 - Ethical aspects of animal cloning for food supply
13 JULY 2007
EGE Opinion n°22 - The ethics review of hESC FP7 research projects
17 JANUARY 2007
EGE Opinion n°21 - Ethical aspects of nanomedicine 
16 MARCH 2005
EGE Opinion n°20 - Ethical aspects of ICT Implants in the Human Body
16 MARCH 2004
EGE Opinion n°19 - Ethical aspects of umbilical cord blood banking 
28 JULY 2003
EGE Opinion n°18 - Ethical aspects of genetic testing in the workplace 
EGE Opinion n°17 - Ethical aspects of clinical research in developing countries
7 MAY 2002
EGE Opinion n°16 - Ethical aspects of patenting inventions involving human stem cells 
14 NOVEMBER 2000
EGE Opinion n°15 - Ethical aspects of human stem cell research and use
14 NOVEMBER 1999
EGE Opinion n°14 - Ethical aspects arising from doping in sport
30 JULY 1999
Opinion n°13 - Ethical issues of healthcare in the information society
23 NOVEMBER 1998
EGE Opinion n°12 - Ethical aspects of research involving the use of human embryo in the context of the 5th framework programme
21 JULY 1998
EGE Opinion n°11 - Ethical aspects of human tissue banking