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Research and innovation
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Research and Innovation Week

The European Commission’s flagship event on research and innovation which will take place between 18 and 21 March 2024, both online and in person, in Brussels

Research projects and results


An app-based test for detecting synaesthesia in children

Synaesthesia, a neurological condition associated with anxiety disorders and autism, is difficult to identify in children. The EU-funded SYN-TOOLKIT project developed a new method to gather evidence of this perceptual phenomenon.

Facts and figures

35% of Horizon Europe funding
earmarked for climate action
22.8 billion for green partnerships
between the Commission and private and public partners
73 projects funded
under the Green deal call with €1 billion


Photo from the event
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Enhanced dialogue in Germany

Germany hosts enhanced dialogue on Research and Innovation challenges with the European Commission.

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Launch of Foresight platform

The foresight platform futures4europe was launched to support engagement with strategic foresight activities for Horizon Europe.

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