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European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) 2016

Full details of the 2016 iCapital contest, the winner, runners-up and links to all finalist videos

European Capital of Innovation 2016 – Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, innovation has been a matter of collaboration and creativity to fight against floods and other natural disasters for centuries.

This history of strategic and interrelated projects has contributed to today's open, pragmatic and adaptive innovation ecosystem.

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions brings forward a new approach where science, education, government, business partners, and societal organisations work together to identify complex urban challenges and provide efficient solutions.

Amsterdam is also a pioneer in adopting solutions that were created elsewhere or from outside of the city. The city's Chief Technology Office was established to continue such experiments and adopt new technologies.

The award ceremony

9 cities shortlisted for the European Capital of Innovation Awards 2016 presented their city's achievements at the award ceremony on 8 April 2016 in Brussels. 

Amsterdam was named European Capital of Innovation, Turin and Paris were the runners-up.

Other finalists' videos