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Research and innovation

EU Prize for Women Innovators 2014 and 2011

Winners of the 2014 and 2011 contests.

Winners 2014

1st prize: Saskia Biskup (Germany)

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CeGaT GmbH, a leading biotech company for diagnostic gene panels, a major step forward in diagnosing patients with rare diseases.

2nd prize: Laura van 't Veer (The Netherlands)

Co-founder and Chief Research Officer at Agendia NV, a leading personalised health company creating diagnostic tests that foretells the risk of recurrence for breast cancer patients.


3rd prize: Ana Maiques (Spain)

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Starlab, a leading research and innovation company focused on the space and neuroscience industries based in Barcelona.



Winners 2011

1st prize: Gitte Neubauer (Germany)

Co-founder CELLZOME, Vice-President Research Operations. Her groundbreaking research into chemo-proteomics is driving her company’s work on new, better targeted drugs against inflammatory diseases and cancer.

2nd prize: Fabienne Hermitte (France)

Co-founder IPSOGEN Senior Director, Research and Development - Regulatory Affairs, a pioneer in personalised healthcare diagnostics, which allow more individualised treatments for cancer patients.


3rd prize: Ilaria Rosso (Italy)

Co-founder ELECTRO POWER SYSTEMS, Vice-President of IP Policy and Public. Her company developed the first self-recharging hydrogen fuel cell system for backup power - a clean, renewable alternative to lead-acid batteries and diesel generators.