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Research and innovation

Mission-oriented policy studies and reports

Studies and reports leading to the mission-oriented approach for Horizon Europe

To support the development of a mission-oriented approach, the Commission has engaged research and innovation policy experts and commissioned a number of studies.

In all cases, the views expressed reflect the opinion of the author and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the Commission.

Expert reports

  • Report
  • Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


Report of the independent High Level Group, also known as the Lamy Report, on maximising the impact of EU research and innovation programmes

Impact assessments, case studies and inventory of mission-oriented initiatives

The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP) with its members have conducted 2 studies to support the development of a mission-oriented approach in European research and innovation.

These studies include an inventory and characterisation of past initiatives as well as an assessment of the impact a mission-oriented research and innovation approach would have.

As part of the work for these studies, a number of individual case studies were developed examining previous and current examples of mission-oriented research and innovation policies.

Mission-Oriented research and innovation policy: in-depth case studies