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Making data usable: Regional considerations, best practices and examples

Online workshop

SAPHIRe Webinar: Making data usable: Regional considerations, best practices and examples. EU citizens have the right to access healthcare in any EU country and to be reimbursed for care abroad by their home country.

To realise this right, the appropriate infrastructures and standards should be created. Regional providers of health data, such as (university or regional) hospitals, first line healthcare or genetic centres, collect massive amounts of health data. This creates a large need for interoperable and accessible data.

​Big data sets include electronic health records (EHR), data resulting from imaging technologies, other large throughput (-omics) technologies, and wearables or health and lifestyle (mobile) apps.

The differences in governance of health data, the different authority levels, and the ethical and cultural diversity across European regions further complicate the swift uptake of personalised medicine.

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