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A free webinar to present the IM2D toolbox, able to sustain the material-aware simulation of semiconductor devices and accelerate technology.

Register for the INTERSECT IM2D Webinar: Simulation box for disruptive electronics – 11 April 2022.

You are invited to join this INTERSECT IM2D Webinar, open to industry and academy, to present the IM2D simulation platform.

It does not matter whether you are an expert or a rookie, the platform has you covered by adapting its interface to your skills. Join us and learn more about how this simulation tool is able to sustain the material-aware simulation of semiconductor devices and accelerate your technology development!
IM2D – Interoperable Material-to-Device – is an integrated, standardized, interoperable software platform conceived for the direct and easy exploitation by industrial users to accelerate the development of emerging electronic devices such as FeFET, memristors (PCM, RRAM), and selectors.

IM2D is based on a multi-physics (DFT, MonteCarlo, electrodynamics) and multiscale approach with focus on novel, complex, “real life” materials in the specific device configuration. IM2D conjugates the advantages of material and device-driven software, connecting the properties of materials at the atomistic level to the electrical behavior of devices, with the aim to reduce the gap between materials and device realms and sustain the simulation-aided R&D processes of semiconductor industries and SMEs.

In the one-hour webinar, the PI Arrigo Calzolari with the project experts will lead you to the discover of the the challenge: Electrical device optimization & design, reliability prediction and process optimization through material properties calculations/characterization and “connection” to electrical device behaviour. With Luca Larcher (Applied Materials) and an industrial partner (TBD)
The answer: How is INTERSECT tackling the need to enable fast (for non-experts) extraction of atomic properties from electrical tests and identify material properties and dopants? With Nicola Marzari (EPFL& NCCR MARVEL) and Pablo Ordejón (ICN2).

Live demo of the IM2D simulation platform: our experts will show in this live demonstration of how the software works. See it working in real time, and consider becoming a user of this innovative platform.

IM2D supports both Material-to-Device and Device-to-Material research workflows, allowing a broad range of applications. The webinar will introduce the IM2D platform main features through real application cases. Join us whichever is your background, as the software is adaptive to support different levels of expertise when fine-tuning its parameters.

Register now and disseminate this opportunity to your contacts to accelerate innovation!

IM2D platform has been developed under the activity of the EU project INTERSECT, under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (G.A. No 814487).

  • innovation | research policy
  • Monday 11 April 2022, 14:00 (CEST)
  • Online only
  • Live streaming available
  • External event

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Monday 11 April 2022, 14:00 (CEST)
Online only
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