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High-Level Launch of the European Bioeconomy Policy Forum

European Bioeconomy Policy Forum will be launched, a dedicated forum for Member States to share best practices and develop bioeconomy policy...

A new dedicated forum for Member States is being established to support the strategic advancement of a circular and sustainable bioeconomy in Europe. The European Bioeconomy Policy Forum (EBPF) will bring Member States and EU institutions together to facilitate sharing of best practices and coordinated approaches in developing bioeconomy policy solutions. This forum is being established under Action 2.3 of the updated European Bioeconomy Strategy in response to Member States’ requests for increased cooperation on bioeconomy policy. High-level and expert-level Member State representatives will be joined at the launch by European Commission staff from several DGs, as well as representatives of the European Parliament, European Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee. Together, members will start to build a vision for a reinforced European bioeconomy policy community and identify critical areas of cooperation and knowledge exchange.

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