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Health Technology in Connected and Integrated Care Workshop

The workshop will witness high participation of policy makers, representatives of universities and research hospitals from different regions

The workshop foresees several sessions dedicated to different thematic areas related to specific Key Areas of intervention.

The workshop follows-up  the Conference on Health Technology in Connected & Integrated Care, which took place on July 2nd and 3rd 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic complications, the event will be hold in an online mode.

The aim of the Health Technology in Connected & Integrated Care workshop is to demonstrate the possibility of coordinating regional policies and innovation programs for personalised medicine and personalised health. In order to accelerate the provision of personalised health for citizens and patients, innovative tools and best practices will be discussed and presented. The event aims to boost and increase cooperation between regions on aspects of personalised health; it will contribute to strengthening areas of industrial specialization in Europe and will allow personalised health care to develop as an emerging industry incorporating intelligent technologies; it will also present opportunities for inter-regional joint involvement of experiences contributed by renowned panelists specialized in personalised health services.

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