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Research and innovation
Bioeconomy Creative Competition Winner

Claire Morrier

Bioeconomy contest poem page image
©okalinichenko #49924324 source: 2022


In circles

A poem in two voices between a young person and the planet that highlights young people’s eco-anxiety and the solutions offered by the bio-economy to deal with it. The planet shows the young person the different forms this bio-economy takes across the European Union. ​

Planet, this evening I’m going round in circles,  ​
Cosy in my home,  ​
It’s so hot I don’t want to take the plane, ​
Despite my longing to discover new horizons.

Planet, I have only you,
And yet I behave like a king,
Teach me how to reuse you,
To understand how my economy can work with you. 

My child, listen a little.
Resources, there are few.
But used well, they’ll make you happy.  ​

You, who dreams of landscapes,
Will gaze with joy upon these images,
Of these dozens of young Europeans,
Who are inventing the world of tomorrow.  ​

They recycle, reuse and repair,
They know that with these acts it isn’t too late,
For the bio-economy,
To play an important role in their lives.

Their names are Maja, Agathe and Markus,
They live in Berlin, Tallinn and Fréjus,
It doesn’t matter that they don’t know each other,
Because they’re all tenants of the same place. ​ ​

Janis studies the wood industry,
While François works in sustainable agriculture.
Lysandra gives a voice to environmental associations,
While Petro drafts legislation.

Planet, are you trying to tell me that the bio-economy has permeated my life,
Without me even realising it?
That I can be an engineer, economist, or lawyer,
Without being afraid of making the earth sad?  ​

Me, at the grand age of twenty,
I believe now is the time for commitment,
To make our beautiful sphere,
Welcome a circular economy.