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Research and innovation

Environment and oceans

Protecting the environment and oceans


Europe’s seas, oceans, and environment are a source of natural and economic wealth for Europe. We must preserve and protect them to ensure that they continue sustaining us in the future. Read more.


EU Initiative

  • #TheGreenTrack
    #TheGreenTrack campaign mobilises young people in the fight to protect and restore our natural world. Are you ready to act #ForNature?
  • Supporting clean hydrogen
    [FR] Soutenir l'hydrogène propre | [NL] Ondersteuning van schone waterstof

Interactive tool

  • Welcome to Pollinator Park
    Pollinator Park virtual reality experience: step into the unknown and discover what our world would look like without pollinating insects


  • Forest fires
    What are forest fires? How will climate change affect them? What is the EU doing to help countries when their national response capacities are overwhelmed by fires?
    Version française
  • How research & innovation contributes to healthy soild & forests  
    [FR] Comment la recherche et l'innovation contribuent à la santé des sols et des forêts
    [NL] Hoe onderzoek en innovatie bijdraagt aan een gezonde bodem en bossen
  • HYDRALAB-PLUS - The risk of floods is rising : what can we do to be prepared?
    HYDRALAB-PLUS provides crucial data for policymakers in the field of flood risk, helping authorities and societies prepare for a changing climate.
    [FR] HYDRALAB-PLUS fournit des données cruciales aux décideurs politiques dans le domaine du risque d'inondation, aidant les autorités et les sociétés à se préparer au changement climatique.
    [NL] HYDRALAB-PLUS levert cruciale gegevens voor beleidsmakers op het gebied van overstromingsrisico's en helpt autoriteiten en samenlevingen zich voor te bereiden op een veranderend klimaat.
  • ClimeFish - Do you know where your fish is coming from?
    ClimeFish helps fish producers and aquaculture farmers predict, prepare and adapt to climate change, reducing economic losses and social consequences.
    [FR] ClimeFish aide les producteurs de poisson et les aquaculteurs à prévoir, se préparer et s'adapter au changement climatique, réduisant ainsi les pertes économiques et les conséquences sociales.
    [NL] ClimeFish helpt visproducenten en aquacultuurkwekers bij het voorspellen, voorbereiden en aanpassen aan klimaatverandering, waardoor economische verliezen en sociale gevolgen worden verminderd.



  • 5 things you should know about forest fires
    Every year, forest fires devastate around 480 000 ha of land in the EU. Climate change is likely to make that even worse in the future. Find out what the EU does to tackle forest fires.
  • 3 main reasons why forest fires occur
    Do you know the three main reasons why forest fires occur? Climate change is among them. We stand together through #EUSolidarity and support, with assistance in the form of planes, helicopters, equipment and firefighting teams.
  • Fighting forest fires with pilots of the Spanish Air Force
    Have you ever imagined flying a plane as a firefighter? Sit inside the cockpit of a water bomber flying over a fire in Spain and help to put it out. Get a taste of EU-coordinated response to forest fires.