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Research and innovation

Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the EU (SRIP) report

Report analysing the state of innovation in Europe and recommendations for the future. Download the report, individual chapters, video and presentations. 

What is the SRIP report?

The Science, Research and Innovation performance of the EU report analyses research and innovation dynamics as well as Europe's performance on science and innovation and their drivers.

The report combines a thorough indicator-based analysis with deep dives into topical policy issues.

This is a flagship publication for the European Commission’s Directorate – General for Research and Innovation. New editions come out every 2 years.

What are the main findings?

As a source of prosperity and catalyst for change, Research and Innovation (R&I) play a key role in building an inclusive, sustainable, competitive and resilient Europe. The SRIP report 2022 also highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic and the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine call for Europe to reinforce its preparedness and ensure that the R&I system is sufficiently flexible to quickly react to unexpected developments.

Transformative Research and Innovation policies will ensure the success of the digital and green agenda, strengthen resilience and preparedness, and support Europe’s competitive edge in the global race for knowledge and tech sovereignty.

The way forward

The report presents six main policy guidelines for EU research and innovation to ensure EU's excellence and top performance in science-based research and innovation in the years to come, namely:

  1. Build forward better in a post-pandemic world
  2. (Re)gain competitiveness
  3. Think the “unthinkable” (and be ready for it)
  4. Leverage businesses, institutions and people
  5. Connect actors and address disparities
  6. Ensure R&I-friendly conditions

2024 Report

The 2024 edition of the Science, Research and Innovation Performance of the EU (SRIP) report will be released on 27 June 2024. This new edition offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of how Europe is performing today in terms of science, research and innovation and analyses the key determinants of this performance. By highlighting the essential role of R&I in driving competitiveness, environmental sustainability and improved quality of life, the report offers data-rich analysis coupled with in-depth exploration of topical policy issues.

Follow the Launch event on 27 June 2024 at 15h00 CET live-streaming.

Check out this webpage to download the new edition of the SRIP report.