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Research and innovation

151 Regions* have been selected to receive a RIVs label and committed to:

  • Strengthen their Research & Innovation (R&I) ecosystem
  • Enhance the coordination and directionality of their R&I policy and investment towards key EU priorities
  • Engage in R&I collaboration between more and less advanced regions with complementary smart specialisations (S3).

The Regional Innovation Valleys (RIVs) initiative is one of 25 actions of the New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA). It aims to harness the full innovation potential across Europe, connecting less and more innovative regions and addressing social challenges through cutting edge technology. Involved regions identify their competitive advantages to bridge innovation divide, using their complementary strengths for an improved Research & Innovation (R&I) ecosystems

*The selection is subject to the signature of the relevant grant agreements.


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General publications19 June 2024
Selected Regional Innovation Valleys map


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Factsheet19 June 2024
151 regions identified as Regional Innovation Valleys

One year from the launch of the initiative, 15 projects will be granted a total of approx. €116 million through the European Regional Development Fund and Horizon Europe funding and committed to co-fund another €77 million from private and public sources.


  • Successful participation in the 2023 European Innovation Ecosystems Work Programme call gives the region the opportunity to be a part of a funded consortium. After signature of the grant agreement, the region will receive the label.
  • Successful participation in the 2023 Interregional Innovations Investment (I3) Instrument calls requires eligible participant to submit a signed endorsement letter from the responsible regional/national authority for the smart specialisation strategy (S3). After signature of the grant agreement with such a participant, the endorsing region will receive the label.
  • Successful participation in the call for expression of interest to become a RIV involves regions selected by independent experts based on their application in the second stage. No funding is provided to these regions.
  • The data is based on self-declaration and/or clarifications from the applicants. In case of questions, please contact: RTD-REGIO-REGIONAL-INNOVATION-VALLEYSatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (RTD-REGIO-REGIONAL-INNOVATION-VALLEYS[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)