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Strategic crisis management in the EU

Improving EU crisis prevention, preparedness, response and resilience

About the topic

Improving EU crisis management has become an essential issue for protecting and enhancing the present and future wellbeing of EU citizens.

Strategic crisis management must extend its scope beyond emergency response. It must include crisis prevention, preparedness, and resilience in the face of crises.

The Group of Chief Scientific Advisors has been mandated – in response to its own initiative – to develop a scientific opinion that will present recommendations for a coherent, comprehensive, cross-sectoral EU strategic policy and operational framework for crisis management.

The opinion will draw on by the best available cross-disciplinary evidence to recommend improvements to the overarching EU crisis management framework.

Such a framework must be able effectively to

  • anticipate various major threats, risks and crises,
  • help to prevent them by addressing their root causes which make the EU and citizens vulnerable to emergencies,
  • respond to them effectively when they do occur,
  • absorb and recover from major shocks, based on robust, future-proof policies.

The recommendations will be demonstrably applicable to a broad range of threats and crises, including e.g. those concerning health, climate, the environment, socioeconomics, or security – supported by case studies. They will be fully be consistent with the EU fundamental values and freedoms, and social rights.

The scientific opinion will be delivered in autumn 2022.

Advice and related documents

Scoping paper - Strategic crisis management in the EU (June 2021)