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Research and innovation

Brussels | 8 April 2022

With the adoption of the fifth package of sanctions against Russia on 8 April 2022, the participation of all Russian public bodies or public related entities in ongoing Horizon 2020 projects will be terminated. Furthermore, no new contracts will be signed with these entities under Horizon Europe.

For more information:

Statement by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel 

Press release

EU Sanctions Map


Brussels | 3 March 2022

Following the Russian invasion against Ukraine and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the Commission has decided to suspend the cooperation with Russian entities in research, science and innovation. The European Commission will not conclude any new contracts nor any new agreements with Russian organisations under the Horizon Europe programme. Furthermore, the Commission is suspending payments to Russian entities under existing contracts. All ongoing projects, in which Russian research organisations are participating, are being reviewed – both under Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020.

For more Information:

Statement by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel