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Research and innovation

Contribute to research and innovation strategy

About public consultations

Feedback from the public helps the European Commission ensure that rules and regulatory proposals keep pace with reality of rapid change.

Businesses, consumers and citizens are encouraged to participate in public consultations in order to help shape research and innovation policy and laws in the EU.

Open consultations

You can participate in the EU law-making process by replying to one of the public consultations related to research and innovation that the Commission launches in order to gather more specific input on planned initiatives through detailed questionnaires. Most consultations are open for 12 weeks. The Commission will consider your views when it is developing policy and legislation.

Closed consultations and archive

You can find out about the results of older, closed consultations, including follow up.

Closed consultations (2012 - 2017) (Archived page)

Archived consultations (2003 - 2011) (Archived page)