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Research and innovation

Reversing inequalities

Research facilitated by the Commission in this area and policy briefs from related projects. 

Why the Commission wants to tackle inequalities

Tackling inequalities is a political imperative for the European Commission.

Inequality in society has increased in the last 3 decades. The combined effects of globalisation, technological changes and tax reforms have led to greater income and wealth disparities - a situation which has been compounded by the 2008 economic crisis.

Scientific evidence shows that higher levels of inequality are not conducive to economic growth, can have negative implications for macroeconomic stability, and can potentially lead to higher social conflict.

For example, while reasons behind radicalisation trends are multifarious and complex, they include growing inequalities and the absence of concrete life perspectives for younger populations in Europe.

Rising inequalities also impact negatively on democratic, social and political participation and inclusion. The goal of reducing inequality includes addressing inequalities in the education system.


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