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Research and innovation

Support the coronavirus global response effort

What you can do on social media to support the campaign, key messages, resources and links

What is the campaign about?

Access to vaccines everywhere, for everyone who needs them, will enable the world to overcome this pandemic and avoid another. It will also help rebuild communities impacted by the pandemic in a fair and just way.

The coronavirus global response has so far raised €9.8 billion (€2.3 billion more than the initial target).

Building on this achievement, the Global Goal: Unite For Our Future campaign launched by the Commission and the international advocacy organisation Global Citizen will culminate in a global pledging summit and concert on Saturday 27 June.

Its aim is to mobilise additional funding to develop and deploy coronavirus vaccines, tests and treatments.

What can I do?

We have prepared some key messages you can share about the role of research and innovation in the pledging marathon and help raise awareness about the need for fair and equal access to diagnostics, treatments and vaccines against the coronavirus.

How you use them is entirely up to you.

Together, let’s stop the virus and protect people.

Key messages

  • The EU has the most comprehensive package of measures combatting the coronavirus. It is deploying different instruments in parallel, to have the biggest impact on solving the crisis.
  • Research and innovation plays a key role in tackling the coronavirus outbreak. Research and innovation actions are an essential part of the coordinated EU response.
  • To fight the coronavirus, the world urgently needs effective and safe diagnostics, treatments and vaccines - without these, we ALL remain vulnerable.
  • The European Commission has made a significant contribution to the coronavirus global response pledge with €1 billion mobilised by Horizon 2020
  • We are stronger together: EU research and innovation brings Europe’s leading scientists and innovators together to coordinate efforts across the EU and beyond to tackle the coronavirus crisis
  • We are committed to continuing to support our researchers and innovators in these critical times

What you can do on social media

Change your cover photo
on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to help us get the word out - here is how to do it

Write a post/tweet
in your EU language about why it is important to contribute to the global efforts against coronavirus (see examples below)

Speak out
by writing your own message. Feel free to use our editable visual - Landscape | Square

Share the official website
of the research and innovation coronavirus response with your network

Post in relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups
where you are a member

Resources you can use

A 90-second video on the research and innovation response (in all EU languages). You can easily embed the video in your social media messages using the YouTube English version

Two 90 second videos on Horizon 2020 projects that are part of the 18 projects funded under the Commission’s emergency call for urgently needed research and innovation into the coronavirus

Visuals and customisable powerpoints for social media.


€1 billion mobilised under Horizon 2020

Coronavirus pandemic: Impact on gender equality

EU research and innovation in the fight against coronavirus disinformation

EU research and innovation supporting vaccine development for COVID-19

ERAvsCorona action plan: First results

Links to like and share for 27 June event


Tweet from President Ursula von der Leyen  

Tweet from Director-General Jean-Eric Paquet

Tweet from the European Commission official account


Facebook post from the European Commission official account

Facebook event from the European Commission official account (with live broadcast of the event)


Instagram message from President Ursula von der Leyen

Instagram post from the European Commission official account


LinkedIn post from the European Commission official account

Messages you can use

General messages

To fight #coronavirus the world needs effective and safe diagnostics, treatments and vaccines. Together, we are stronger - see you on Saturday 27 June for our final pledging summit with @GlblCtzn



The fight against #coronavirus can’t wait – more than half of the €1bn pledged by the European Commission for the #GlobalResponse is already invested in #H2020 projects. More info: #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch #GlobalGoalUnite

Video or video

The EU’s contribution to the #GlobalResponse to #coronavirus is €1bn for #H2020 R&I projects. Some are already showing results such as the new ready-to-market portable diagnostic system: #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch #GlobalGoalUnite


Test people to plan and implement exit strategies

Early detection of #coronavirus and monitoring will save lives and preserve healthcare systems. The EU will host the #GlobalGoalUnite with @glblctzn on 27 June to develop reliable test kits. More info:  #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch


Prevent the virus from coming back

The EU is developing new #vaccines to protect people, stop #coronavirus and allow us to return to a safer life. But more funding is needed – join the #GlobalGoalUnite pledging event on 27 June:  #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch


Treat patients

New treatments are needed to minimise #coronavirus symptoms and unclog hospitals. Join the #GlobalGoalUnite ​pledging event the EU is hosting on 27 June to develop treatments: #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch


Preparedness and response

Researchers are working to develop better monitoring systems to effectively prevent and control the spread of #coronavirus. But more funding is needed – join the #GlobalGoalUnite pledging event on 27 June: #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus #EUHealthResearch








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