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Research and innovation

Infrastructures and resources

Research infrastructures and news related to tackling the outbreak of coronavirus.

What are research infrastructures?

Research infrastructures are facilities that provide resources and services for research communities to conduct research and foster innovation. Many are relevant to tackling the current coronavirus outbreak.


  • 27 March 2020 - Exscalate4CoV (E4C) invites collaboration to screen potential drugs

Recent and ongoing projects and initiatives

European Virus Archive

The European Virus Archive (EVA-Global) is a virtual collection for human, animal and plant viruses, that provides researchers with the necessary material for diagnosing coronavirus infection. This initiative is built on long-standing investments by the EU through three consecutive grants since 2009 and until 2023 for a total of €32.2 million.

The EXSCALATE platform

Stemming from the Antarex project, EXCALATE is operational at the Italian Supercomputer in CINECA, analysing COVID-19 proteins based on data available from the scientific community in order to accelerate the search of an effective therapy against the pandemic virus. Antarex was supported by a €3.1 million EU grant.

Exscalate4CoV calls for collaboration to screen potential drugs

E4C invites organisations to submit proposals for screening of their compounds for efficacy profiling on the E4C Biology platforms, notably through EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns, the first computational platform dedicated to addressing the need to promptly respond to a pandemic crisis. Full criteria and conditions are defined in the “Drug-Box” submission portal on the E4C website.


TRANSVAC2 supports a European vaccine research and development infrastructure, offering researchers the opportunity to apply for its wide range of technical vaccine development services at no cost. Researchers developing vaccine candidates against COVID19 are encouraged to apply. TRANSVAC2 started in May 2017 with a €10.6 million EU grant.

HPC Centre of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research (BioExcel)

The applications of this centre or excellence can be used for on-demand, large-scale virtual screening of potential medical compounds such as small molecule drugs, antibodies etc. The applicability depends on the specific case of pandemic cause. Since 2015 BioExcel has received a total of €12.8 million in EU grants.

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

The access policy of this joint undertaking foresees prioritised and immediate access to its supercomputers for emergencies - as is the case in pandemic crises.


This initiative brings together 13 biological and medical pan-European research infrastructures that facilitate the sharing of raw data and research outputs, and are making available to researchers analysis pipelines and computational power to analyse or re-perform analyses related to COVID-19. EOSC-Life is supported by a €23.75 million EU grant.


ACCELERATE has allowed CERIC, the Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium, to launch a call for fast track access to Covid-19 related research. Applicants will be able to access selected instruments without the regular evaluation procedure. ACCELERATE is supported by a €3.3 million EU grant.