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Marine research infrastructures

Research infrastructures are facilities, resources and services used by the science community. They include major scientific equipment, collections, archives or scientific data, e-infrastructures such as data and computing systems and communication...

Marine research infrastructures

Euro-Argo ERIC Europe's contribution to the Argo programme observing the oceans.

European multidisciplinary seafloor and water column observatory (EMSO) ERIC aims to explore the oceans and gain a better understanding.

European Marine Biological Research Centre pan-European research infrastructure fpr marine biology and ecology research.

Research infrastructures with a marine component

ECCSEL ERIC European carbon dioxide capture and storage laboratory infrastructure.

WindScanner wind energy research network.

DANUBIUS-RI International centre for advanced studies on river–sea systems.

ICOS ERIC greenhouse gas measuring stations aimed at quantifying and understanding the greenhouse gas balance of Europe and neighbouring regions.

SIOS Svalbard region Earth observing system.

KM3NeT 2.0 research infrastructure in the Mediterranean housing the next generation of neutrino telescopes.