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Research and innovation

Global partnerships

Global partnerships in which the EU is involved in the field of agricultural and forestry.

Why do we need global partnerships?

Agricultural research and innovation deal with various issues that have a global dimension, such as climate adaptation and mitigation, resource use, animal and plant diseases or value chains. International cooperation can pool existing expertise and capacities in the most effective way.

International partnerships help to capture the specificities of production systems under a wide range of geo-climatic, cultural and socio-economic conditions. This is particularly important in view of testing and replicating solutions.

International cooperation contributes also to the competitiveness of European food and non-food systems in the global economy. Finally, international research cooperation in agriculture and forestry contributes to implement the EU’s external policy, notably with regard to meeting commitments to Sustainable Development Goals and COP 21 objectives.

Initiatives supported by the EU

The European Commission has led the development of the following major international research cooperation initiatives or partnerships.

Initiatives in which the EU participates