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Research and innovation
Новинарска статия19 май 2020Генерална дирекция „Научни изследвания и иновации“

Top scientists to identify future members of European Research Council’s Scientific Council

European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel has invited six high-level scientists to identify future members of the European Research Council's (ERC) governing body, the ERC Scientific Council. This Identification Committee will in particular focus on the continuation and renewal of the ERC Scientific Council in view of the start of Horizon Europe, the next EU research and innovation programme.

The Committee consists of six highly respected personalities in European research:

  • Carl-Henrik HELDIN (chair) - Uppsala University, Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Foundation, Sweden
  • Barbara FLUECKIGER - Zürich University, Switzerland
  • Kirsten GRAM-HANSEN - Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Michal KAROŃSKI - Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
  • Carlos MARTINEZ ALONSO - Spanish National Research Council
  • Mira MEZINI - Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany/Albania  

Commissioner Gabriel said:

"The ERC is entering a new phase, under the next research and innovation programme Horizon Europe. In identifying eminent candidates for the ERC Scientific Council, the Identification Committee will make important contributions to upholding the European Research Council's worldwide reputation of the highest level of excellence in Horizon Europe."

The mandate of the Identification Committee is twofold: to identify members for the renewal of the ERC Scientific Council membership and to maintain a pool of candidates for future membership in the Scientific Council.


The Scientific Council, the governing body of the ERC, defines the ERC's scientific funding strategy and methodologies. It is composed of 22 members, all eminent scientists and scholars, who represent the scientific community in Europe. New Scientific Council members are appointed by the European Commission following an independent and transparent procedure for their identification agreed with the Scientific Council, including a consultation of the scientific community.