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Presseartikel7. Februar 2022Generaldirektion Forschung und Innovation

Top experts to advise Commission on transformative research and innovation policy in support of social, green and digital transitions

Today, the renewed group of experts on the economic and societal impact of research and innovation (ESIR) met for the first time to discuss its work for the next two years. In an updated composition, the ESIR group will continue in the highly successful and influential work of its predecessor, which was active from 2020. The 16 experts will provide independent advice on how a transformative EU research and innovation policy can best support the transformation of our economy and society throughout the social, green and digital transitions.

The renewed ESIR high-level group, which is chaired by Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-President of the Club of Rome, will propose forward-looking innovative policy solutions to address current societal challenges, for instance through policy experimentation and mission-based policy implementation.

Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel said:

These experts will address the most pressing societal challenges we face today and reach out to key players in their field. I am confident that they will consistently support EU R&I and will inspire us on how Europe can best develop and implement a forward-looking R&I policy.

Chair of ESIR Sandrine Dixson-Declève said:

In 2020 and 2021, ESIR has shown its ability to face new circumstances. It adapted its work to inspire the European Commission to act upon the R&I and societal challenges of the COVID pandemic and foster modern industrial transformations. We come back ready to contribute to a transformative EU research and innovation policy that will help opening a new path of ecological and digital sustainability for Europe.

Responding to the policy needs of the Commission, the group will:

  • co-design policy briefs to provide European and national policy-makers with strategic advice on R&I and sustainability;
  • organise outreach activities to fully engage with relevant stakeholders;
  • foster policy innovation to find new and more impactful  public policies.

The experts come from different backgrounds like academia, business, think tanks, public and private sectors.


ESIR 2020-2021 was launched shortly before the Covid-19 outbreak and has provided stimulating inputs on how R&I policy can leverage our way out the crisis by facilitating the twin digital and green transitions, boosting Europe’s competitiveness and promoting crisis preparedness.

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7. Februar 2022
Generaldirektion Forschung und Innovation